New year, new country, new food!

So, ELC has been a bit stagnant over the past few months – but it doesn’t mean that we have given up our philosophy of home-cooking or that we’ve gone the way of countless other busy couples and made best friends with our take-out delivery boy. We have been busy, yes – infact, we have completely uprooted our lives and moved continents! From New York to Singapore, it has been quite a ride over the past few months – hence the lack of posts here.

I have always loved Asian cuisine, so you can imagine my excitement about getting to enjoy the delicious food in Singapore! This move also allowed us to see if our methods of home-cooking and healthy eating are viable in a different environment than in the one we first developed them in.  And boy, did we pick the right place to relocate to – Singapore is a foodie’s delight, a nation of serious eaters surrounded but sumptuous dining options ranging from affordable hawker centers to fancy waterfront restaurants.  It did provide a great challenge though – given that it is an island and a lot of items had to be exported in, fresh vegetables and other grocery essentials were a bit more expensive than we were used to. Coupled with the wonderful, cheap, delicious fresh food being served up at the local food centers (the majority of which carry healthy food options, not the processed fast foods of western food courts), it was quite a temptation to give up cooking at home much and to have our pick of the food outside – and it is a temptation we are still grappling to tame.

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