Food Review: Papa John’s Thin Crust Pizza

Papa John's Thin Crust

As I’ve written before, there is usually only one time an year that I yield to the temptation of delivery pizza. This year however, another Football even led to my breaking this tradition and ordering in again – the NFL Draft. Usually, this mid-season football extravaganza is over the weekend, when I settle down with my other favorite pigskin food – fried chicken. This year however, the NFL wanted to make more money and drag out the event, and thus started in on a freaking Thursday night – Thursday, I tell you! And since I try not to eat meat on Thursdays, I had to settle for pizza – the wife and I decided that we might as well check out what this Papa John’s hype was all about.

I’ve had Papa John’s a few years back, and remember that my buddies at the time were crazy over the garlic oil that came with the pizzas. So we got a few thin crusts with a variety of toppings amongst them – and were surprised at how quick the delivery was! The pizza boxes smelled really good – which was a very promising start indeed!

Opening the boxes led to another surprise – a little pepper in the corner and a packet of special seasoning in every box. My, its almost like they are making an effort to make there pizza look presentable – kudos Papa! The toppings looked a bit sparse though, and the green peppers werent nearly as fresh as I’d expected them to be.

The crust was thin enough, but did not have much flavor to it. The sauce was ok, nothing to write home about but definitely better than the much hyped new Domino’s. The garlic sauce and the seasonings did add quite a bit of flavor to the pizza, but I could almost feel the amount of fat and sodium I was ingesting as I was eating them!  However,  for the most part the pizza was tasty enough to go down well with the draft.

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